An outreach for the CSW community

HOPE Center

While surveying the red light areas, we felt the need to reach out to the victims of human trafficking and specifically their innocent children, who are constantly been bombarded with all the evil influence, sexual immorality, prostitution around them. This immoral scenario impacts the little children in a wrong manner, putting a question mark on their future.
HOPE Centre is an outreach for the red light community and their children, focusing to bring educational and moral awareness and transforming them with the love of God. We teach and feed the children with a proper nutritious meal daily, believing that through these acts of compassion, we can reach out to the children, the Sex Workers and the neighbouring slum areas. We have trained teachers & volunteers who are conducting these educational & feeding programmes.

Current Status:

  • HOPE Centre is functioning in Turbhe Red Light slum (Navi Mumbai) since 15th October 2007
  • everyday serving to 125+ children of the Victims of Human Trafficking.