Rays of HOPE Ministries

About us

Rays of HOPE Ministries, is an indigenous Social Charity NGO with a vision and calling,

“…to bring HOPE in the hopeless lives”, working towards the cause of the poor, needy, neglected, deprived, abandoned and lives without hope.


The Rays of HOPE was birthed, as the response to the heart-breaking scenario of seeing the destitute children searching food in the roadside garbage… It is initiated by Manoj Magar in the year 2002, with the burden in the heart to reach out to destitute… He began the journey of transformation of lives, with only ₹ 933 in hand and since then, there has been no turning back.


a place of Refuge

We are envisioned to build a CITY OF HOPE, a place of refuge!

…a single spread along campus that shelters every person with the hopeless situation (orphans/destitute children, widows, elderly, dying patients of TB, AIDS & Cancer, addicts, mentally challenged etc.)… along with the Educational & Vocationally Empowering trainings and initiatives of income generating for self-sustenance.  

We’ve been donated a piece of land in Khalapur (Raigarh, Maharashtra)… we need finances/resources for furtherance to see this becoming a reality!